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Seed ID

How does it work?

How many times have you already signed up for a site? How many Wiki user pages have you got? You got a blog? A Web 1.0 website? There are so many web pages out there that basically have one thing in common: they tell things about you. One could talk about different aspects of a 'thing' - a thing that happens to be you ;)

So, here comes SID into play. SID is the Social (or Semantic) ID, hence allows finding, and publishing your many identities on the Web.

Technically, what SID does is looking up resources at (currently implemented) and (upcoming), starting with a seed ID. The seed ID is typically a Web page that is the most important to you (your homepage, etc.).

The output SID produces is a code snippet, using owl:sameAs statements expressed in RDFa, which claim that the selected IDs all stand for the same thing, viz. person.

Side note: The idea to create SID was motivated by a discussion on, where people like Richard Cyganiak and Tim Berners-Lee gave some nice examples of resource 'aspects'.

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